'The election is over': Michigan Trump voters tell him to 'lose the ego' and grow 'tough skin'
Donald Trump on Instagram (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump only won Michigan by less about 11,000 votes -- and it looks like his supporters there may already be getting cold feet.

John and Brenda Skantze, who describe themselves as "moderate Republicans," told CNN's Miguel Marquez that Trump's ego appears to be getting in the way of his ability to govern.

When asked if Trump's "credibility issues" were self-made, John, a former auto industry manager, said he believes they are -- and come from the isolating "wall" he puts up around himself.

"I think he put up a wall around him and he's only letting a select few enter that wall," John said.

His wife agreed -- and had even harsher terms for the president she voted for.

"He needs to listen to his cabinet members who he hired," Brenda said. "He can't run the show by himself."

"I think he needs to lose a little bit of his ego and get some tough skin," she continued, adding that "the election is over."

Watch the Skantzes discuss their criticisms of the man they voted for below, via CNN.