During a Monday MSNBC panel, the president of an LGBTQ rights organization had enough of the "rationalizing" conversations surrounding Steve Bannon's exit from Donald Trump's White House.

As another guest on Ari Melber's The Beat discussed Bannon's supposed "war" with Trump aide/son-in-law Jared Kushner, Aisha Moodie-Mills, the president and CEO of the DC-based Victory Fund, said the conversation needed a much broader focus.

"The thing about this conversation that really has me anxious," Moodie-Mills began, "is that we are having a very civil conversation essentially normalizing a man who is trying to, and has been successful in indoctrinating America and people globally around very fascist, racist, neo-conservative ideas."

"This is dangerous stuff," she continued, bringing up Bannon's rumored future plans for "aggressive expansion" of Breitbart and the dangers that expansion could pose.

"I think that's what we need to be focusing on as opposed to trying to dissect and rationalize and really give some celebration to the strategy of this crazy lunatic," she concluded.

Immediately after Moodie-Mills made her point, however, New York Magazine's Olivia Nuzzi objected.

"I'm sorry, look, we're not normalizing, or trying to rationalize anything that Steve Bannon believes, but we don't have confirmation of what his plans are outside of returning to Breitbart," Nuzzi said. "I think it's ridiculous to say just having a civil conversation about this and dealing with the facts as we know them to be right now is in any way going to be detrimental to this country. We need to talk about the facts and we need to dissect them and analyze them in a civil way."

In response to being told to have a "civil" conversation by a woman accused of normalizing alt-right figures, Moodie-Mills brought up the recent spate of white supremacist rallies to illustrate her point.

"The fact of the matter is that the KKK just marched on Charlottesville," Moodie-Mills schooled. "So are we gonna believe what we've rationalized or are we gonna believe what we see in front of our faces that we know this man has given rise to over the last several years?"

"I think that we need to be having a much more forceful conversation about the detriment that this human being is doing on our society and figuring out strategies to block and tackle through that and really negate his ability to spread hate," she concluded.

Watch the entire exchange below, via MSNBC.