'The president knows what he's going to do': Scaramucci convinced Trump will dump Bannon
Steve Bannon and Anthony Scaramucci (composite image)

Anthony Scaramucci believes Steve Bannon is a marked man.

The former White House communications director, who wasn’t a fan of President Donald Trump’s speech after the deadly Charlottesville protest, had even harsher words for Bannon.

“I think the president knows what he's going to do with Steve Bannon,” Sacramuccii told ABC. "The president has a very good idea of the people who are undermining his agenda that are serving their own interests.”

Scaramucci went on to bash the influence of the website Breitbart, which Bannon ran before joining the Trump campaign and administration, has had a “Bannon-bart” influence" in the White House and ruled it “a snag on the president."

Earlier this week, Politico reported Bannon has been warned to keep his mouth shut as people inside the White House are aware he’s been leaking stories.

Watch the video below via ABC on YouTube: