'The White House lies': Bakari Sellers sets CNN conservatives straight on why Trump's stories keep changing
Bakari Sellers (Photo: Screen capture)

Bakari Sellers on Tuesday helped his conservative colleagues “unravel [the] pretzel” of Donald Trump Jr.’s multiple misstatements about his meeting with a Russian emissary, noting the Trump administration—pure and simple—tells repeated, blatant lies.

Conservative Mary Katharine Ham was explaining that she doesn’t know whether Trump attorney Jay Sekulow had all the facts before he told CNN’s “New Day” anchor Jake Tapper that the president played no hand in crafting Trump Jr.’s original misleading statement.

“I don't know what the truth there is either,” Ham said. “This speaks to an inability of this White House team to protect the president. And look, it's bad judgment, and the distinction between a legal issue and bad judgment is really important.”

“Let me help my colleagues to the right on me, I guess both on this panel and literally, attempt to unravel this pretzel,” Sellers replied. “This is something we've seen from this White House periodically. The White House lies, then the facts come out, then the White House tells you, ‘don’t worry about facts.’”

“What we know to be the truth is that this meeting was not about adoptions or Russian adoptions,” he continued. “We also know that the president dictated that statement. What do we deduce from that? That the president lied. He lied.”

Sellers went on to note that Sekulow “gave up his credibility” when he told Tapper Trump did not sign off on the statement. “He lied, too,” Sellers said.

Watch the video below, via CNN: