'They didn't include rape': Watch Bill Maher's 'Real Time' panel brutally tear apart the Ten Commandments
Bill Maher on 'Real Time' on Jan. 30, 2015 [YouTube]

A "Real Time" discussion over whether atheists are moral took a humorous turn on HBO Friday night when Bill Maher's "Overtime" panel took a hilarious look at what was included in the Ten Commandments and what was left off.

Noted atheist Richard Dawkin's got the ball rolling when asked why Christians think atheists are immoral.

"If you think about why they think that," Dawkins suggested, "it's because they think we don't have a God looking over our shoulder, supervising everything. A great spy-camera in the sky looking at us. So we must be immoral."

"I think it's because the Ten Commandments are in the Bible and they think that is the super great list, " host Maher added, to which Dawkin's replied, "They don't know what the Ten Commandments are."

Noting the late Christopher Hitchens once commented that Christians for some reason needed to hear "Thou shalt not kill," from Moses, Dawkins mocked Bible followers saying, "Oh, thou shalt not kill, we never thought of that!"

"It's such a dumb list," Maher added, "Only two of them are laws. The first four, I think, are just about God's ego."

With that the panel piled on Ten Commandments and some of the "rules' in Leviticus -- with Maher stating, "Rape? That's not on the list?"

Watch the video below via HBO on YouTube: