Thieves make off with truck containing 22 tons of Nutella and other chocolate worth $80,000
A shipment of Nutella (Claudette Rodriguez, Flickr Creative Commons)

Thieves stole a semi-trailer full of the hazelnut and chocolate spread Nutella and a variety of other chocolates worth up to $82,000, said the Associated Press on Saturday.

The theft took place in a small town in central Germany called Neustadt in the Hesse province.

Police spokesman Martin Ahlich told the AP that the refrigerated semi-truck contained "20 metric tons (22 tons) of chocolate including Kinder Surprise eggs, Nutella hazelnut-chocolate cream and Valparaiso chocolate fruit pearls."

Ahlich said the motive in the crime isn't clear and that the thieves must have used a truck of their own to haul the trailer full of sweets.

“It’s not even clear if they were after the sweets or after the trailer," he said. "At this point we don’t know what their motive was.”