'This is an attack on us': Neo-Nazis plan new protest opposing removal of Confederate statue in Kentucky
Group of people holding Confederate flags (via Creative Commons)

Looks like the Nazis are at it again.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, members of a group organizing under the "Nationalist Front" banner (a neo-Nazi group started in Germany in the 1980's) plan to rally in Lexington, Kentucky in opposition to the removal of two Confederate statues.

After Lexington mayor Jim Gray announced a proposal to move two Confederate statues in the wake of Saturday's "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Matthew Heimbach of the local chapter of the white nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party claimed members of the community asked him to intervene.

“When you’re tearing down the statues, that is a clear attempt to replace and erase us,” Heimbach told the Herald-Leader, referencing the racist "you will not replace us" chant heard in Charlottesville. “This is an attack on us.”

Heimbach and the Nationalist Front have not yet announced a date for their rally, but said they plan to hold the event "sooner rather than later."

As Mayor Gray noted, the Confederate statues are located in an area that once housed a slave market. He also said that the city intends to merely remove the statues, not destroy them.