'Tougher than 'fire and fury?' A paper cut and a lemon': Colbert gives Trump advice on North Korea threats
Stephen Colbert (Showtime)

In a segment from Thursday's episode of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert might have given President Donald Trump some ideas after the president claimed his threats against North Korea might not have been tough enough.

"What is tougher than 'fire and fury?'" the host asked. "Lava and rage? A paper cut and a lemon?"

Colbert noted that he's not the only one wondering what could be tougher than the hell Trump threatened to rain down on Pyongyang, and cut to a clip from the press conference where the president suggested he didn't go far enough. At the "Summer White House" conference on the steps of his Bedminster golf course, a reporter asked Trump what could be tougher, to which the president simply said "you'll see."

"We'll see?" Colbert retorted. "I know we'll see, but it might be the last thing we see!"

Check out Colbert's whole opening segment (and its' hilarious conclusion) below.