Trump DC hotel filings disappear after being published on government agency website
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Thursday afternoon, government watchdogs noticed something interesting -- extremely detailed, un-redacted financial disclosures from President Donald Trump's DC hotel. But by Friday, they'd disappeared.

According to the Washington Post, the General Services Administration -- a government agency that, among other things, handles the contract Trump took out in 2013 with the government to rent the Old Post Office Pavillion where his DC hotel is housed -- posted the detailed financial filings "inadvertently," and removed them due to the error.

“The documents were posted inadvertently and have been removed from our website,” GSA press secretary Pamela A. Dixon said in an email to the Post.

The now-removed documents (which prescient staffers at the Post downloaded for posterity and published today) detailed the hotel's finances for February, March and April and "far more information about the hotel’s operations than previous disclosures." Before their publication Thursday, the only information available about how much the Trump Organization benefits from the hotel were heavily-redacted of monthly statement certificates.

Before taking office, Trump broke with presidential tradition by announcing he wouldn't divest entirely from all his businesses -- and in response, many have been concerned about the president making money off of business interests, particularly those located in Washington.

One such ethics concern stemmed from a fundraiser Trump held at his own hotel earlier this year.

Even his supporters “are expecting transparency and accountability and a commitment to have the government finally let the public know what it’s up to, without too much of a hassle,” Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, said shortly after Trump was elected.