Trump ‘gushed’ over crazy memo sent by NSC staffer and learned from Hannity that the writer had been fired
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

A report on a bizarre memo from a now-deposed National Security Council staffer reveals a "comedy of errors" -- in which President Donald Trump reportedly "gushed over" a document full of conspiracy theories.

As per Foreign Policy, the memo, written by fired NSC staff Rich Higgins, floats theories about a "Maoist insurgency," the Muslim Brotherhood's supposed links to the European Union and antifa activists and many other hard-to-follow threads. It also was reportedly the cause for some controversy in the West Wing, and led to "a hunt for staffers believed to be providing information to right-wing blogger Mike Cernovich, who seemed to have uncanny insight into the inner workings of the NSC."

After initially being reported by The Atlantic on August 2, the memo continued to circulate. After being alerted to the memo by his son, Trump learned from Sean Hannity that Higgins had been fired -- and was reportedly pissed.

"The memo had been working its way through the Trump White House," Foreign Policy reported. "Among those who received the memo, according to two sources, was Donald Trump Jr."

The sources also to FP that Trump, Jr. was the first person to send the memo to his father, who reportedly "gushed over it."

Trump then learned, "in a comedy of errors," from Sean Hannity that the memo's author had been fired. The sources said the president was "furious," and "is still furious."