WATCH: Ana Navarro sounds the alarm on Trump having 'phone calls with imaginary friends in his head'
Ana Navarro on CNN's Don Lemon (Photo: Screen capture)

During a CNN segment on President Donald Trump's record low approval ratings on Thursday, Ana Navarro posited a simple theory for why Trump is so unpopular: he's flat-out crazy.

Assessing the president's tenure in office after six months on the job, Navarro said that the erratic behavior that marked his presidential campaign has only intensified since his election to the highest office in the country.

"We're now more than six months into this presidency and he hasn't changed," she said. "He keeps up the deranged Twitter rants, he keeps lying and making stuff up out of thin air. I mean, yesterday we learned he was having phone calls with imaginary friends in his head!"

Navarro's "phone calls with imaginary friends" comment refers to comments Trump made about purported phone calls he had with the president of Mexico and leaders of the Boy Scouts of America that the White House subsequently admitted never happened.

Navarro also noted that Trump's approval rating among Republicans has dropped by double digits since his inauguration, which is an indication that even his own party is growing wary of him.

"I think most Republicans were willing to give him a chance, wanted to see him succeed," she said. "But six months have no gone by and people are getting impatient."

Watch the video below.