WATCH: Colbert trashes Trump’s need for daily folder full of ‘f*cking positive news’ to escape the 'frowny farm'
CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert -- (CBS screen grab)

Friday night "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert took on reports that President Donald Trump's staffers are forced to provide him with folders of positive news and photos to keep the leader of the free world happy.

“The President, he spends a lot of time on the frowny farm, but he receives a folder full of positive news about himself twice a day," Colbert relayed. "Positive news about Trump twice a day? Man, he should really share that with the rest of the world."

“The folder is a 20 to 25 page packet full of praise-filled news stories delivered around 9:30 am followed by a follow-up around 4:30 pm," he continued. "So, once after breakfast, once again after lunch."

"And if he’s still cranky by bedtime they put up his mobile of Breitbart stories,” Colbert smirked.

Watch the video below via CBS: