WATCH: Comedy Central's Scaramucci leaves 'The President Show' with a passionate smooch of Trump
Screenshot from The President Show

Comedian Mario Cantone -- who briefly portrayed former White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci on Comedy Central's "The President Show" -- bid farewell to the comedy hit Thursday night by giving the show's President Donald Trump a passionate smooch.

And then he we was dragged from the room.

With the show's Trump lamenting the loss of the Mooch, saying "Gen. Kelly says you gotta go this time," Cantone asks, "Do I really have to go, now that our love is so new," before conceding that he now has time to go see his wife (who is divorcing him) and "his newborn son" --  before bursting into laughter.

As Scaramucci says his final goodbyes, Trump clutches him and they engage in a deep and passionate kiss, before the Mooch is dragged off by the large prop hand of Kelly while professing his love of Trump, exclaiming, "I frigging love you," as Trump bursts into tears.

Watch the video below via Comedy Central: