WATCH: Cops shoot naked man who was spotted holding a gun outside Las Vegas church
Jason David Funke was shot by police after standing outside a Las Vegas church naked and holding a gun (Screen cap).

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department this week released new footage of a shooting that involved a naked man who was spotted carrying a weapon outside a church.

Local news station KVVU reports that the man, identified as Jason David Funke, was surrounded by police after someone reported seeing an armed naked man wandering around a church yard. Officers were told that the man appeared to be suicidal, and he was threatening to kill himself outside the Life Springs Christian Church in Las Vegas.

While Funke initially dropped his weapon, raised his hands, and started walking toward the police in an act of surrender, he abruptly changed course midway through his walk and began running back toward his gun.

At this point, an officer opened fire and shot Funke in the shoulder. He was subsequently taken to the hospital for treatment, and is now in stable condition.

Watch a KVVU's report on the incident below.

FOX5 Vegas - KVVU