WATCH: Crying neo-Nazi Chris Cantwell made 2014 Colbert appearance as 'total d*ck' parking meter vigilante
Neo-Nazi Chris Cantwell on The Colbert Report from 2014 (Screen capture)

Most of the world first encountered neo-Nazi and proud racist Chris Cantwell on Wednesday when viral video of him crying and coming unglued over an arrest warrant that might or might not have been taken out on him in Charlottesville, VA.

However, Cantwell actually first came to national attention in 2014, when he was featured on a "Colbert Show" segment with two other residents of Keene, NH. The three "libertarians" styled themselves as the "Free Keene Squad," packing weapons and spending their days harassing the town's parking enforcement officers.

The segment detailed an Iraq War veteran's decision to quit his job rather than cope with being continually harassed by the -- in Colbert's words -- "total d*cks" in the Free Keene Squad.

"I find that when I carry a gun, people are very unlikely to hit me," Cantwell said proudly.

He was featured in's documentary about the lethal violence in Charlottesville, VA last weekend, then appeared in a viral video begging police for instructions on how to turn himself in and crying.

Since then, Cantwell has angrily insisted that the "Jewish media and financial institutions" are "crucifying" him by pointing at his weak sister antics and laughing.

Watch the video, embedded below: