WATCH: Dead Kennedys singer takes on president with new tune 'Nazi Trumps F*ck Off'
Jello Biafra performs 'Nazi Trumps F*ck Off; (Screen cap).

Jello Biafra, the former lead singer of legendary punk band Dead Kennedys, is back with a new song that's a timely update of a classic Kennedys cut.

Performing live with the band Dead Cross this week, Biafra teased the song by telling the audience that it was needed "now more than ever." He and the band then launched into "Nazi Trumps F*ck Off," which is a play on the old Dead Kennedys song "Nazi Punks F*ck Off."

The lyrics for the new song are mostly unintelligible, although you can clearly make out the chorus: "Nazi Trumps, Nazi Trumps, Nazi Trumps f*ck off!"

Biafra has been selling "Nazi Trumps F*ck Off" t-shirts on his Alternative Tentacles record label website for months now, and he performed this variation of the song with the band Napalm Death in 2016.

Watch the video of Biafra and Dead Cross below.