WATCH: Panicked white supremacist renounces beliefs the second he's confronted by masked demonstrator
A man attending a white nationalist rally claims he's not a real white supremacist (Screen cap).

A new video has emerged of a white nationalist man quickly renouncing the ideology after being confronted by a masked Antifa demonstrator.

The video, which was filmed by journalist C.J. Hunt, shows a young blonde white man wearing a white Polo shirt running away from a man in a mask who was chasing him. The man quickly pulled his shirt off and insisted that he wasn't actually a neo-Nazi.

"I'm not really white power, man, I just came here for the fun, f*ck!" said the man.

After the man pursuing the blonde man backed off, Hunt asked him to describe what happened.

"A bunch of guys scared the sh*t out of me," the man admitted.

"So you just came here for the fun?" asked Hunt.

"For the fun, yeah," he replied.

When asked if he identified with any aspects of white supremacy, the man admitted he thought it was "kind of a fun idea," and that he liked chanting "white power!"

The man later admitted that he simply loved "being offensive" and didn't want to get beat up for espousing white supremacist ideas.

Watch the video below.