WATCH: Pharma Bro gripes about 'witch hunt of epic proportions' after being found guilty of fraud
Martin Shkreli (Screenshot:YouTube)

Martin Shkreli on Friday lashed out after being convicted of three criminal charges by using one of President Donald Trump's favorite phrases.

In a news conference the immediately followed his conviction for securities fraud, Shkreli said that the case against him amounted to little more than a "witch hunt."

"This was a witch hunt of epic proportions, and maybe they found one or two broomsticks," said Shkreli. "But at the end of the day we've been acquitted of the most important charges of this case."

Shkreli now faces years in prison after being found guilty of two charges of securities fraud and one charge of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. The former Turing CEO was found not guilty of five other fraud-related charges.

Shkreli was arrested in late 2015 on securities fraud charges, as authorities alleged he took stock from a biotechnology firm he founded and used it to pay off debts for unrelated business dealings.

Watch the video below.