'World's biggest dipsh*t': Internet smacks down Tomi Lahren for claiming millennials can't handle a military draft
Commentator Tomi Lahren on HBO's Real Time -- screen capture

Conservative hate-click darling Tomi Lahren loves to trash her generation -- but on Wednesday, someone much older clapped back.

"As I watch millennial men struggle to lift their bags into the overhead bin I am reminded how f'd we are if there's a draft," Lahren tweeted -- and drew the ire of Bill Shea, a sports reporter from Detroit.

"Thousands of Milllenials have been killed and wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq," Shea retorted.

Shea wasn't the only one who responded to her false assertion that millennials don't fight in wars.

"Who do you thinks been fighting wars the last 15 years?" one user asked.

"You lost her at think, brother," another hilariously replied.

Check out some of the best responses below.