Alex Jones blames Jimmy Kimmel and his wife for their son's birth defect in unhinged rant
Alex Jones (Screenshot)

Alex Jones went off on another manic rant attacking Jimmy Kimmel after the late-night host railed against the latest version of the GOP's Trumpcare bill and called Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) a liar.

The following day, "Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade blasted Kimmel. So Kimmell struck back.

“The reason I found this comment to be particularly annoying is because this is a guy, Brian Kilmeade, who whenever I see him kisses my ass like a little boy meeting Batman,” Kimmel said. “Oh, he’s such a fan.”

Jones came to Kilmeade's defense and pointed a finger at Kimmel for politicizing his infant son.

"So why don’t you stop beating up on one of the little candy asses [Brian Kilmeade] over there at Fox News and stop using your son to talk about how you’re going to kick people’s asses to promote violence in America? How about that? How about you actually help some kids, buddy? Instead of using your kid, instead of pimping your kid out there to push Obamacare that’s designed to wreck health care," Jones said about Kimmel's baby, who was born with a congenital heart condition. Kimmel's first emotional plea came just days after his son was born and the condition prompted surgery and terrified the couple, who was fearful they might lose their baby.

"Now maybe you don’t know what you’re doing, and that’s OK, so we forgive you, [Jimmy] Kimmel. Good," Jones continued in his sinister snark. "Now, by the way, let me just say this, I don’t want to go on Kimmel’s show... I’m not going -- I piss on your -- your not real shows, you’re frauds, you’re crap, you’re the enemy, you’re cancer, your grandma dying of a heart attack, your grandpa with a brain tumor, your failure, your betrayal, your anathema, you’re a blaspheme (sic). And you will fall. You’re already fallen right now. And I’m sorry for your son."

He then went off on a tangent accusing Kimmel and his wife of causing the congenital heart disease themselves by what they did while she was pregnant.

"Did your wife take the vaccines? Been slurping that tap water? Why don’t you find out why this is happening? Why don’t you actually save other kids instead of using your kid to bring in socialism and globalist control for big fat-cat corporations that want to make us buy overpriced health care? How about that?" Jones closed.

Watch the shocking video via Media Matters below: