Ann Coulter suggests ‘death squads for the people who ruined America’ with immigration
Ann Coulter speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Ann Coulter suggested vigilante violence in response to President Donald Trump's apparent flip-flop on immigration.

The right-wing provocateur appeared last week on the Fox Radio program hosted by Todd Starnes, where she called for the president's removal from office one way or another, reported Right Wing Watch.

“We have made as clear as you can possibly make it, we want less immigration,” Coulter said. “Stop dumping the third world on the country.”

She said the president had been elected because of his harsh anti-immigration policies, which she helped shape, and she called for action by "Second Amendment people," as Trump termed gun advocates during the campaign.

“If he continues down this path, well I guess there are three options," Coulter said. "There’s the organizing the death squads for the people who ruined America, because there will be no more hope."

She paused a moment before offering two other possible options.

“I guess the other possibility is to, well, I don’t think anyone would mind him being impeached," Coulter added. "What’s the faction opposing that? And then at least we’ll get Mike Pence. But in terms of saving America, maybe a third party.”

Coulter made strikingly similar remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2014, where she warned Republicans not to support immigration reform.

"If you pass amnesty that’s it, it’s over, and then we organize the death squads for the people that wrecked America," Coulter said three years ago.