On Sunday, anti-racist activists in San Diego took to their city's historic Chicano Park after they got wind of "ultra-right wing" protesters planning to rally against the park's Latino heritage murals.

But to former California state representative-turned-Breitbart writer Tim Donnelly (R), it was those defending the murals who came to incite violence.

"There are an increasing number of places in America where free speech is forbidden and asking questions is called hate speech, thanks to the growing violence and threat of violence of the antifa-left," Donnelly wrote on a post linking to his article, "who embrace communism over capitalism, and are willing to shut down speech by any means necessary."

In his article, Donnelly refers to the largely black and brown group of anti-racist protesters as a "violent mob" while characterizing the right-wingers who oppose Chicano Park's "huge monument honoring Communism and La Raza ultra nationalism" as peaceful demonstrators there to attend a "Patriot Picnic."

Doug Porter of the San Diego Free Press tells a different story.

The "picnic" was, according to Porter, five right-wingers (including a known "Proud Boy" who violently interrupted a peaceful anti-Trump rally earlier in the summer) eating pizza at a picnic table. When they arrived, they came with a cameraman known to the community for selling video to Breitbart, and taunted the anti-racists as police stood by. What ensued was the video captured by Breitbart and sold by Donnelly as a "violent mob" attacking the "peaceful" alt-right.

The anti-racist rally itself was organized, Porter wrote, with the assistance of Chicano Park's steering committee as a "Solidarity Gathering" for the community that was peaceful prior to the arrival of the "patriots."

Some of the organizers behind the massive counter-protest said they hoped to show “racist right wing dummies” that the people of San Diego “love our city with its uniquely diverse history.” They explicitly called for the counter-protest to be peaceful.