CNN host lampoons Trump’s ‘SOB’ attack: ‘Should be fired and put into a basket of deplorables’
Early Start With Christine Romans and Dave Briggs (Photo: Screen capture)

During a Tuesday interview on CNN's "Early Start," Greg Valliere, who just returned from Puerto Rico, and co-host Dave Briggs keyed in on his use of the word "unify" discussed how President Donald Trump had unified people against him.

"You used the word unify," Briggs replied. "That's one of the things the president has not been able to do, almost has shown zero interest in that. That is why he's dove into that NFL issue. Let's take the SOB line that should be fired and put it in its own basket of deplorables, which is where it belongs, and talk about the financial part of the story. The here's a Republican president telling private businesses how to run their businesses. Why is that message gelling with Republicans, or is it?”

Valliere, the chief international strategist for Horizon Investments, explained that issues like this are red meat for his base and helps him avoid talking about other issues.

"I think businesses, which are increasingly inclusive and diverse are going to shy away with this fight with the NFL," he said. "So, once again has he alienated business after Charlottesville. I think he's going to have a problem with business leaders who can't side with him on this."

Watch the exchange below:

Early morning host lampoons Trump's SOB attack... by sarahburris