‘Cut the sh*t’: Leah Remini calls out John Travolta’s ‘p*ssy’ answers on Scientology
Leah Remini (A&E)

Leah Remini called out celebrity Scientologists like John Travola -- and the reporters who accept their feeble justifications of the cult-like religion.

The actress and activist said Tuesday night on her A&E show, "Scientology and the Aftermath," that celebrities should know better than to ignore the abuses she's experienced or reported within the religious practice.

"Whether you're a celebrity or not, something has to go off in your mind that this isn't right," Remini said. "'I'm justifying horrible behavior in myself and others,' and celebrities have access to information. There is no excuse now. They're in a prison of their own mind to not want to know, and if they do know, Scientology has a self-protecting mechanism that doesn't allow people to look. They can't even have a conversation. They say, 'Nope, listen -- I don't watch that kind of stuff. Celebrities (say), 'Why would I watch anything that's bigoted.'"

She cited actor John Travolta, one of the world's most prominent Scientologists, who recently denied to a reporter that he had ever seen her show, saying he was "not interested."

"Cut the sh*t," Remini said. "That's a p*ssy answer, and journalists who accept that answer are also p*ssies. I'm calling their sh*t out, too."