President Donald Trump may have launched a line of wines, but when it comes to alcohol, he claims to abstain from it all.

The president's assertion that he doesn't drink alcohol because of his late brother Freddy's struggles with alcoholism flies directly in the face of a strange sighting at a reception at the United Nations on Tuesday.

After taking a sip from a glass that "looked like red wine," Trump handed the glass to someone else as the press pool was "ushered out" of the room," a tweet citing New York Time's Peter Baker read.

Twitter naturally moved to get to the bottom of whether or not Trump had been drinking "#FakeBooze".

While one person argued that it may be grape juice (a regular practice at Jewish seders,) MSNBC host Katy Tur argued that the liquid in the president's toast glass didn't appear to be grape juice because it "doesn't have legs that cling the glass."

In the same vein, Domenico Montanaro of NPR, mused on Twitter that it could be Diet Coke.

Another user worried about what a drinking Trump would mean for his Twitter timeline, saying "Oh no now his tweets will be drunk tweets. Oy vey."

Yet another user, MarketWatch's Steve Goldstein, said that the Twitter discussions over whether or not the president is drinking brings up an important conversation about whether he struggles with other forms of addiction like his brother.

Read some of the most thought-provoking and hilarious responses below.