‘Enemy of the American people': Olbermann slams 'human double standard' Trump's blatant hypocrisy
Keith Olbermann (Photo: Screen capture)

Broadcaster Keith Olbermann characterized President Donald Trump as a "human double standard" due to the hypocrisy demonstrated by President Donald Trump's authoritarianism and victimism.

"We may have missed the true over-arching point of Donald Trump's America," Olbermann suggested.

"If something is done to Trump, he has been wronged, he is a victim, he is under attack," noted Olbermann.

"But if the exact same thing is done by Trump, it's fine or you are overreacting or America has enough of political correctness or you don't have a right to say it," Olbermann explained.

The legendary broadcaster then explained President Trump's actions in the context of historical progress.

"For 200 years we have defeated those who have turned free speech off and on like a light switch. For 50 years we have beaten back the racists and anti-Semites. For 30 years we suppressed the misogynists and the sexists. For 20 years we have begun to push back against the violent the bullies and those who excuse violent fantasies and bullying as simply another aspect of expression or their culture," Olbermann reminded.

Olbermann suggested Trump had given all of these "vermin" license to harm America.

"If there is the slightest response...the slightest pursuit of justice, they may pretend as if they have been oppressed and if they have been victims and if they can become martyrs," Olbermann explained.

"If it is done by Trump...it is free speech and justice and make America great again. "If it is done to Trump...it is treason and untruth and it is disseminated by the quote, enemy of the American people," Olbermann noted.

"The human double standard -- is in the White House. The creator of racial division and untruth in this country -- is in the White House. The enemy of the American people -- is in the White House," said Olbermann. "And his removal can no longer wait."