Ex-NAACP head shames Trump's 'anthem tantrum': His 'serially racist behavior' outs him as a white supremacist
CNN analyst and former NAACP president Cornell William Brooks giving a speech in Washington, D.C. (image via Wikimedia Commons).

President Donald Trump may not be an out-and-out white supremacist, but one former NAACP president said that he isn't convincing anyone he's not racist with his behavior.

In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, former NAACP president Cornell William Brooks said that Trump is "making the case" for people who call him a racist.

"When you refer to Nazis and white supremacists as fine people, when you re-tweet things from white supremacist websites, when you appoint Steve Bannon as a presidential adviser, when you engage in this wrong-headed philosophy of birtherism, Brooks said, it "makes the case" for the president being a racist. 

"The president has engaged in serially racist behavior," he continued. 

Earlier in the segment, Brooks said that Trump's "SOB" reference to former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was a dogwhistle for racial slurs.

"When the president refers to Colin Kaepernick in Alabama as a son of the b-word, it is racial code for the n-word across America and in Alabama," Brooks told Blitzer, "particularly when he does so in the context of a campaign rally for the Republican nominee for the Senate."

Watch him explain how Trump's "anthem tantrum" has "everything to do with race" below, via CNN.