Ex-White House aide: Trump's anthem tantrum before all-white Alabama audience was pure 'plantation politics'
Keith Boykin on CNN -- screengrab

Appearing on CNN to discuss the firestorm President Donald Trump stirred up with his comments about black football players taking a knee during the national anthem, a former White House aide claimed Trump was playing "plantation politics" before a predominately white southern crowd.

Addressing two NFL players who appeared earlier with host Kate Bolduan, former Clinton White House aide Keith Boykin praised them for their explanations on why they took a knee on Sunday, before turning to what created the controversy that blew up over the weekend.

"They spoke in a way that I would like to see the president of the United States speak and they're talking about an issue that Colin Kaepernick raised which is about the mass incarceration of African-Americans, about the killing of black people, about racial profiling. That's what started this issue," Boykin began.

"This is about race," he emphasized. "President Trump went to Alabama last Friday and gave a speech to an almost exclusively white audience and told mostly rich white owners of professional sports teams how to control their young black men. That sounds like plantation politics. That sounds like the politics of something from the 19th century, not from the 21st century. It's inappropriate for this man to call for the firing of private employees from a company he has nothing to do with."

"He's trying to divide us and use this as a wedge issue but these are important issues that need to be discussed," Boykin later added. "Racism is an issue that has divided America since its founding and we've never really had a deep conversation about what this means and how we resolve this and move forward and we continue to put it off and have these mini debates from time to time. But we need a serious conversation because we have a white supremacist president of the United States encouraging white supremacists."

You can watch the video below via CNN: