'F*ck you and the horse you rode in on': Sheriff Clarke explodes after reporter asks about his security detail
Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke (Screen cap).

Sheriff Daivd Clarke exploded on a reporter who asked him questions about his security detail last week.

Daniel Bice, a reporter at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, sent Clarke an email asking him whether he thought it was really necessary for taxpayers to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars providing a round-the-clock private security detail at his house.

"F*ck you and the horse you rode in on," Clarke replied.

Bice asked Clarke to comment on his security detail because the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office said that it was ending the private detail for Clarke's house now that he was no longer the sheriff.

Clarke resigned last month after a highly controversial tenure as Milwaukee County Sheriff. Among other things, Clarke has accused Black Lives Matter of being responsible for the murders of police officers, while also blaming riots in his home city of Milwaukeeon the "questionable lifestyle choices" of black residents there. This past November, a former inmate at the Milwaukee County Jail filed a lawsuit alleging that her baby died after guards there refused to give her help as she went into labor.

The his full email exchange with Bice below.