Florida elementary school teacher uses vinegar to punish disabled student: police
(Photo: Shutterstock).

A school district in Florida is dealing with a massive abuse scandal, as several arrest warrants have been issued for Okaloosa County School District employees for their role in systemic child abuse at the Kenwood Elementary School in the town of Fort Walton Beach.

According to local newspaper NWF Daily News, an investigation into the school's practices discovered that Kenwood Elementary teacher Marilynn Stillions regularly abused disabled children by spraying vinegar into their mouths.

The investigation also found that Stillions "used her foot to push children down the lunchroom aisle, picked up a child by his shirt collar and waistband, denied students their lunches, threw away students’ food when they would not listen to her and stashed food in her classroom, where she ate it herself."

The investigation into the teacher's actions occurred in 2016, but the school made mistakes during the investigation that violated its contract with the teachers union, which meant that Stillions faced no disciplinary action for her mistreatment of students.

However, when the NWF Daily News published information about the school's investigation earlier this year, one parent of an abused child filed a criminal complaint with the local Sheriff's office, which subsequently decided to pursue charges.

The Okaloosa County School District would not comment on warrants that had been issued for its employees, and it would not reveal which of its employees were issued warrants.

"As the district has not reviewed the warrants or arrest reports, we have no further comments regarding those matters at this time," the district said.