'He masturbates to pictures of poor people without healthcare’: Jimmy Kimmel nails Ted Cruz's porn 'like'
Jimmy Kimmel (Screengrab)

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday mocked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) after the GOP leader’s Twitter account inadvertently “liked” a porn video Monday night.

“The video is from genre known as step mom porn, which is—he’s a family values guy,” Kimmel joked. "Just think: if only he’d done something this perverted during the campaign, he might be president right now.”

Kimmel pointed out the story is even more amusing because Cruz once supported a law banning dildos. “So, he’s a lot of fun,” Kimmel said sarcastically.

“According to a spokeswoman, the tweet has been removed and the senator is being punished for being a very naughty boy," the host added.

Kimmel then led the audience through his four theories regarding how the tweet in question appeared on Cruz’s account, ranging from someone with access to his social media “accidentally” clicking the on the video to Cruz himself deciding, "Screw it! I watch porn in public now, this is who I am.”

Referencing Cruz’s excuse that a staffer was to blame for the mishap, and his assurances and that the person is being dealt with, Kimmel asked the Texas senator, “Is this person you?”

“Staffing issue sounds suspicious,” Kimmel said. “I honestly don’t think it was Ted Cruz, I don’t think Ted Cruz looks at porn. Ted Cruz masturbates to pictures of poor people without healthcare.”

Kimmel then released a hilarious “Ted Cruz SuperPAC” ad that tried to throw cold water on the notion Cruz looks like “like a man who watches porn on his phone."

“Ted Cruz never masturbates... for America,” the ad concluded.

Watch the video below, via ABC: