'He went there, he said comforting things': CNN reporter says Trumps 'deserves good marks' for Texas visit
Sara Murray (CNN/screen grab)

CNN White House Correspondent Sara Murray argued on Sunday that President Donald Trump deserved "good marks" for his response to Hurricane Harvey because he "said comforting things" during his recent trip to Texas.

A round table of reporters on CNN's Inside Politics program noted that Trump had promised to complete the recovery within six months.

"I think there has been a lot of notion paid to Trump says weird things when he goes to these places," Murray opined. "He's not great at showing emotions, he's not great at showing empathy."

"Look, these are all things we know about Trump," she continued. "People voted for him in spite of that because they thought he was a good manager. And if you're judging empirically based on the response so far, Texas is saying they are getting what they need, local officials are saying they are getting what they need."

Murray insisted that the Trump administration "deserve good marks" and Trump "deserves a good review for this."

"Because he was the president," the CNN correspondent added. "He went there. He said comforting things."

Watch the video below.