House GOPer hints at tax cuts for white males: 'The forgotten man from Bernie to Trump' deserves a break
Hallie Jackson speaks to Dave Brat (MSNBC/screen grab)

Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) said on Wednesday that one of the goals of tax cuts is to provide extra money for the "forgotten man from Bernie [Sanders] to [Donald] Trump."

While appearing on MSNBC with host Hallie Jackson, Brat noted that a 15 percent tax rate for corporations his preference, but he said that ultra-conservative Republicans in the Freedom Caucus would also consider supporting a 20 percent tax rate.

"That's probably our upper threshold, and that's the corporate rate," he explained. "And then we've got to make sure the S Corp, the small business person, also gets a reduction close to that."

"And then the forgotten man, all the way from Bernie all the way over to Trump, we've got to make sure they get a couple hundred bucks a month back in their pockets," he added. "That's the basic deal we want to see."

It was unclear if Brat was referring to people who voted for Sanders and Trump or to the politicians themselves. But both men found support from a disproportionate number of white males. In early 2016 primaries, Sanders beat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by 83 percentage points among white men. And white males also voted for Trump over Clinton, 63 to 31 percent.

Watch the video below from MSNBC.