'I was accused of being a Nazi': Jewish CEO describes pressure to abandon Trump after Charlottesville
Stephen Schwarzman (Twitter)

Speaking at a conference in New York City, the CEO of the Blackstone Group explained why business leaders decided to shut down an advisory committee working with President Donald Trump on economic issues, saying he was personally accused of being a Nazi.

According to Business Insider, Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman told the crowd at the Delivering Alpha conference, "You should have seen some of the mails I got."

"I was accused by people of being a Nazi. I mean, I'm Jewish. It was absurd," Schwarzman explained, adding that he discussed the president's comments about Charlottesville with other CEO's on the panel that he headed.

"What happened is, people who were running public companies at that time were concerned about employee reaction to what the president said or didn’t say. There were customer issues for those companies where the CEOs felt under pressure," he recalled.

"There were shareholders that were unhappy. I asked each person what they wanted to do, I gave them one minute each. I wasn’t interested in anyone’s life history. People were under legitimately, astonishing pressure," he added, stating that was the reason for the collapse of the advisory board.

Schwarzman didn't completely disassociate himself from Trump, saying he was aggravated with the New York Times for reporting that he was upset with Trump's comments about the violence in Charlottesville.

"I wasn't outraged," Schwarzman stated. "I don't know where the New York Times got that one."