Iowa high school tight-lipped after armed students caught burning a cross in KKK hoods
An image of 5 young men dressed in Klan hoods that was posted on social media.

A high school in Iowa has disciplined some of its students after a recent photo was posted online of five young men dressed in Ku Klux Klan hoods burning a cross.

In addition to the KKK hoods and the burning cross, the photo also featured one young male holding a rifle, and another holding a Confederate flag.

The Omaha World Herald reports that students at Creston Community High School were disciplined for the photo but would not explain what discipline the students received.

The school told KMALand that the people in the photo are Creston students.

"This is embarrassing for everyone," school principal Bill Messerole told the Omaha World Herald. "This is not a good reflection of Creston High School. This is not a reflection of our community."

The photo was originally posted on both Facebook and Twitter.