Jeffrey Lord starts new Breitbart gig by claiming Hillary is ‘exactly like David Duke’ — who loves Trump
Jeffrey Lord (Photo: Screen capture)

Jeffrey Lord has just made his Breitbart debut after being fired from his CNN commentary job after tweeting a Nazi salute.

The right-wing commentator alleged that President Donald Trump’s former rival Hillary Clinton is “the new David Duke.”

Lord began the story using a quote from Clinton where he changed some words and attributes it to David Duke. Then he revealed it was from Clinton. The piece is a response to Clinton's Sunday appearance on CBS Sunday Morning, in which she said that Trump successfully tapped into the concerns that white working-class voters have in an economy still struggling to recover after the great recession of 2007.

Lord said that it makes Clinton sound “exactly like former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, blaming her loss on race.”

He goes on to claim that the Democratic party is a racist party because Southern Democratic party members supported slavery.

“Clinton is a believer in ‘identity politics’ — the grandchild of slavery and the son of segregation, the latter two racist policies the political fuel for Clinton’s party from its birth, not to mention the later ‘progressive movement’ that was folded into the party by Woodrow Wilson," Lord alleged.

The Northern Democratic Party emerged when the Democratic Party fractured over the issue of slavery in the 1860s. Lord rambles about random 20th Century history and the history of the Democratic Party's racism, while ignoring the same from GOP counterparts. He then accused the media of not having “the guts to call Hillary out as the new David Duke.” He then promised he always will.

Lord has been raked over the coals by his former colleagues at CNN after making numerous statements construed as racist. He lost his job at CNN and was quickly picked up by Breitbart News.