Leaked McMaster memo directs all government agencies hold training session on consequences of leaks
General H.R. McMaster (Photo: Screen capture)

Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster has directed government agencies to warn officials about potential consequences of leaking even unclassified information, according to a “for official use only” memo leaked to BuzzFeed News.

The memo, signed by McMaster, directs “every Federal Government department and agency” to hold “a 1-hour, organization-wide event to engage their workforce in a discussion on the importance of protecting classified and uncontrolled unclassified information.”

“In order to ensure a consistent and strong message is given to the entire federal workforce, such training should occur the week of September 18-22, 2017,” the leaked memo notes.

The memo comes as the Trump administration vows to crack down on leaks, which the president has described as a “very serious” issue that needs to be dealt with (while simultaneously insisting he’s “somewhat honored” by those that are indicative of his advisor’s jealousy).

“The unauthorized disclosure of classified information or controlled unclassified United States Government information causes harm to our Nation and shakes the confidence of the American people,” McMaster wrote in his memo. “In this era of unprecedented unauthorized disclosures, it is important to take time to review with your workforce their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding United States Government information.”

Read the full text of McMaster’s leaked memo, via BuzzFeed News.