Los Angeles probation officer pleads guilty to assaulting juvenile female inmates 'on a weekly basis'
Woman crying sitting on the floor (Shutterstock)

Oscar Calderon Jr., a Los Angeles County probation officer, has plead guilty to assaulting multiple female inmates at Camp Scudder, a juvenile detention center in Santa Clarita, California, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Prosecutors accused the 33-year-old Calderon Jr. of "of making sexual overtures and inappropriately touching four teens" while working at Camp Scudder, the Times reported. The victims aged in range from 14 to 18.

Erin Darling, a lawyer representing one of the young women Calderon Jr. assaulted said it was regular occurrence.

“On a weekly basis, he would sexually assault her,” Darling told the Times. “She was absolutely terrified. She felt like she couldn’t complain to anyone.”

“I spent almost a year in a locked-down facility, with a disgusting, horny, grown man that’s supposedly my probation officer. I’ve never been blackmailed, let alone sexually abused, until I entered that camp,” the woman, who was 18 when Calderon Jr. began assaulting her, said in her victim impact statement. “It’s been two years, and I still feel it. I feel the depression of the past, and the anxiety of the future. I can still smell his disgusting breath when he kissed me.”

Calderon Jr. plead guilty to two counts of "assault under color of authority," and was sentenced to five years of probation.