Man with Confederate flag on truck arrested for trying to run down Antifa demonstrators
Confederate flag flown from truck in Massachusetts 'Make America Great Again' convoy on July 31, 2016 (Screen capture)

A man who had a Confederate flag decal on his truck was arrested over the weekend for trying to run down a group of Antifa activists in Vancouver, Washington.

Willamette Week reports that the driver, who has not been publicly identified, attempted to plow his truck into Antifa demonstrators who were in the area protesting the right-wing Vancouver Patriot Prayer rally that was occurring in the city.

The driver, whose black Chevy Silverado had Oregon license plates, drove past a group of demonstrators who threw water bottles and rocks at his truck. He then proceeded to put his car in reverse and tried to drive backward over protesters.

All protesters quickly saw what he was trying to do and got out of the way, however, and none of them were injured due to the attack.

"The driver continued to drive in reverse for nearly a block, stopping at the next intersection and revving his engine," reports Willamette Week. "The protesters yelled for everyone to clear the street and changed their path to escape the truck, walking down 6th Avenue to Washington Street. At that point, however, the truck re-appeared cutting the marchers off."

At that point, a police vehicle pulled up directly behind the driver, and an officer arrested him at the scene.

Watch video, recorded by Maggie Vespa of KGW, below: