Miami school chief blasts Red Cross for not 'showing up' to man Hurricane Irma shelters
Red Cross workers distribute food (Shutterstock)

Miami-Dade school chief Alberto Carvalho blamed the chaos surrounding setting up shelters for Hurricane Irma's on the Red Cross , saying they "didn't show up" in some instances to manage the crush of storm refugees, reports the Miami Herald.

According to Miami-Dade school chief Alberto Carvalho, the school district has an agreement with the relief organization to handle crises like Irma, and that they failed to come through for the 600,000 residents in the area who were forced from their homes.

Speaking to the press on Monday, Carvalho said that school employees have been deployed to take up the slack.

"In some instances the Red Cross showed up very late. In some instances, the Red Cross never showed up," Carvalho explained. "We made an executive decision that we would open the shelters on our own led by our principals and our custodians and our cafeteria workers."

According to the report, the schools are serving as most of Miami-Dade's 42 shelters for Irma victims, with school principals now acting as relief administrators.

The Herald reports that Red Cross spokesman, Robert Baltodano declined to answer questions about failure to staff the shelters, referring questions to  the charity's regional communications director, Grace Meinhofer, who has yet to issue a statement.

The school chief also complimented the National Guard for chipping in.