Mississippi teacher fired over Facebook rant about expelling black people from the US
Cammie Rone, a teacher at Batesville Intermediate School (Facebook photo).

A Mississippi teacher has been fired from her job after allegedly posting a racist rant on Facebook about expelling black people from the United States.

Local news station WREG reports that Cammie Rone, a teacher at the Batesville Intermediate School in Batesville, Mississippi, has been dismissed after local parents complained about a racist comment she made on Facebook recently. The teacher insisted that someone had hacked her account, but apparently the South Panola School District didn't buy this explanation for why she endorsed kicking black people out of the country.

In a response to an anti-racism message posted on Facebook, a message from Rone’s Facebook account stated that, “if blacks in this country are so offended no one is forcing them here.” The message went on to ask “why don’t they pack up and move back to Africa where they will have to work for a living,” while adding that the American government would gladly “pay for it.”

Tammie Thornton, a parent at Rone's former school, said that she didn't believe the former teacher's story about being hacked, and she claimed that she'd had problems in the past with her.

"I don't think her account was hacked," she told WREG. "And then for you to be in a public school system! One where we've got black students, we've got white students, and we've got other students, you should not go on social media and say anything pertaining to race."

Rone had been placed on administrative leave earlier this week after news of the racist Facebook post became public.