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New Hampshire hospital shooting suspect in custody: police



Police in New Hampshire on Tuesday took into custody a suspect linked to an active shooting report at Dartmouth-Hitchcock hospital, a spokesman for the Lebanon, New Hampshire, police department said.

The hospital, the state’s largest, was locked down following reports of an active shooter, a spokesman said in an emailed message.

“The suspect involved was apprehended without incident,” New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald told reporters. He said there was no continuing threat to the public and ignored reporters’ questions as to whether anyone had been shot.


There was no confirmation that shots had been fired at the hospital, located near the Vermont border, about 105 miles northwest of Boston.

(Reporting by Scott Malone in Boston; Additional reporting by Suzannah Gonzales in Chicago; editing by Dan Grebler)

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo flattens Trump apologist David Urban for still spreading debunked Politico report lies



President Donald Trump's key CNN supporter, David Urban got into it with every person on the panel Thursday when he attempted to spin Dr. Fiona Hill's testimony.

The key Trump talking point is to cite a Politico article that has been debunked by American national intelligence and the testimony of the experts that have appeared under oath to the House Intelligence Committee.


As host CNN John King noted from the testimony, that Dr. Hill and David Holmes are "critical" for making the case of Trump's corruption.

"Republicans are going to argue this is Trump being Trump, he was working outside the system," King said. "'Maybe you question Rudy Giuliani, but he wanted his guy's hands on the policy. You may not like it. Maybe it got ugly but it's not an impeachable offense.' That's where the Republicans are going to get us."

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Nearly everyone Trump touches eventually becomes a witness against his crimes: former NY assistant attorney general



According to the former assistant attorney general for the state of New York, virtually anyone who comes in close contact with Donald Trump has the potential to be a witness against him one day because, in the long run, he treats everyone poorly.

Writing at the Washington Post, Tristan Snell -- who led the investigation against Trump that eventually led to a $25 million settlement between President Trump and students of his now-shuttered Trump University --  said Trump has a history of leaving disgruntled staffers and aides in his wake.

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Fiona Hill’s startling testimony shows Trump’s crime is so much worse than abuse of presidential power



If you asked me what happened at the Democratic debate last night, I couldn’t tell you. I was in bed by 9. Part of me feels a little irresponsible. But only part. I’m much more focused on the president’s involvement in an international criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States. A Democrat, any Democrat, is going to be an improvement.

This article was originally published at The Editorial Board

That said, I do worry about the appearance of repeating myself. The last thing I want to do, the most lethal thing I could do for my business, is bore you. For what seems like a long time, I have not let a week go by without reminding Editorial Board readers that Donald Trump wasn’t only involving Volodymyr Zelensky in an illegal scheme to benefit himself personally. He’s trying also to rewrite the history of the 2016 election to wound enemies (Joe Biden and the Democrats) and help friends (Vladimir Putin).

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