Newly released footage shows Ohio officer shooting photojournalist without warning
Clark County Sheriff's Deputy Jake Shaw (left, via Clarke County Sheriff's Office) and New Carlisle News photojournalist Andy Grimm (right, via Grimm's Facebook).

New body camera footage released by the Clark County Sherriff's Office shows a deputy shooting photojournalist Andy Grimm without warning.

According to the Daily Mail, Deputy Jake Shaw shot Grimm, who works for Ohio's New Carlisle News, earlier this week after mistaking his tripod and camera for a gun.

The bodycam footage shows Shaw get out of his car and immediately shoot Grimm, who is heard yelling in the distance.

Shaw then calls for backup and runs to Grimm, who he appears to be friends with.

"Andy, I'm sorry, brother," Shaw is heard telling Grimm on the bodycam footage. "Listen, dude, you pulled that out like a gun out of the back of the Jeep."

He then went on to claim he flashed his lights and tried to wave at Grimm, who didn't see him.

"It's my fault,"Grimm continues. "I'm on body camera, I'll say it right now. I thought you saw me wave. I flashed my lights. You weren’t looking. It's my fault. It’s my fault."

"I don't want you to lose your job for this," Grimm told Shaw later in the footage.

Shaw has been placed on administrative leave in the fallout from the incident.

Watch the graphic bodycam footage below, via the Daily Mail.