'Oh my gosh, Ivanka’s here!': CNN's Kirsten Powers brutally mocks Trump and his 'prized possession'
USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers on AC 360 (screengrab)

President Donald Trump treats his daughter Ivanka like a "prized possession," according to CNN's Kirsten Powers.

The USA Today columnist and political analyst slammed the president for bringing along his adult daughter, who's one of his White House advisers, to government meetings.

"I don't think it is normal," Powers said.

Republican lawmakers were "visibly annoyed" that Ivanka Trump had popped into an Oval Office meeting to "say hello," according to a congressional aide, and Powers questioned why the president would invite her to the policy session.

“I don’t know if he realizes that this isn’t that impressive to people," said Powers, a former Fox News contributor. "I think he thinks Ivanka’s sort of his prized possession and that everybody is going to be so blown away because she shows up, but nobody cares."

"'Oh my gosh, Ivanka’s here!'" Powers added, sarcastically. "'This is so amazing!'"