'Only good thing that's happened this year': Internet rejoices after judge sends 'Pharma Bro' Shkreli to jail
Martin Shkreli (Screenshot:YouTube)

Now that "Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli is really, seriously going to jail for his Hillary Clinton hair stunt, Twitter has something besides Sen. Ted Cruz's porn fiasco to make fun of.

Shkreli initially avoided going to prison by posting bail, but after he called for a $5,000 bounty on a lock of the former presidential nominee's hair, a judge ruled that he "may be creating ongoing risk to the community."

"Martin Shkreli goes to jail, making everyone's day," Twitter-famous doctor Euguene Gu wrote.

Others, like Washington Post's Kayla Epstein, noted that Shkreli's obsession with Clinton had deep roots.

"Shkreli's got a weird thing with HRC," Epstein wrote. "When she fell ill on 9/11 last year, he showed up outside Chelsea's apartment."

Read the creme de la creme of the Twitter reactions to Shrkeli's imprisonment below.