Sean Spicer humiliated after his new employer deletes praise for his 'candor' from website
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer (Screen cap).

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has a new job working at the Worldwide Speakers Group, which had initially praised Spicer for the "candor" he showed while serving under President Donald Trump.

"Audiences around the world will benefit from the same candor, wit and insight that Spicer brought to the White House briefing room," the website originally said in its blurb on the former White House press secretary.

Within hours of posting praise for Spicer's honesty, however, the WWSG website mysteriously deleted the word, and instead simply praised Spicer for his "trademark style behind the White House podium."

The change was first noticed by Politico reporter Annie Karni, who also posted a screen shot of Spicer's old WWSG bio.

Spicer reacted to this by claiming that the bio on the website had never been changed, and accused reporters of making up fake news.

However, reporter Ken Vogel quickly set Spicer straight by posting a link to the screen shot that Spicer claimed never existed.