Sole female candidate seeking Ohio GOP endorsement asked if she can balance work with raising a family
GOP officialr Ann Becker -- via

A Republican state central committee member says she is very "disappointed" that she was asked if she was capable of balancing raising her family along with her job if she were to receive an endorsement from the GOP board for a state House seat.

According to the Dayton Daily News, Ann Becker -- who is the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committeewoman for Butler County -- was asked by Central Committee Chairman Chris Wunnenberg about her home status.

Becker, who was the only female nominee of the five seeking the seat currently held by Rep. Margy Conditt, (R-Liberty Township), was asked, “How would you handle the workload and time commitment of a state (representative) while your children are still in school and require a lot of your time?”

Nonplussed she replied, "Aww. Thank you. I do have three kids. My husband is very helpful."

However afterwards, she vented over what she claimed was clearly a "sexist question."

“As a mother, I’m perfectly suited for politics — tough, organized and able to watch what’s happening,” she explained. “I was extremely disappointed in Wunnenberg singling me out as the only woman and mother asking for the recommendation and disappointed in my fellow candidates for not standing up for me.”

Becker also reached out to a Cincinnati Enquirer reporter who covered the meeting, texting, "I hope you have something in your story about the absolutely sexist question that I was asked. I should have gotten pissed. It's horrible."

In his defense, Wunnenberg said he was only reading questions submitted by other party members who were tasked with voting on the endorsement.

According to, Becker did not get the coveted endorsement which went to West Chester Township trustee, George Lang.