Stephen Miller isn't the only of Steve Bannon's underlings still employed in the White House.

According to Yahoo News, Julia Hahn, a 26-year-old former Breitbart writer who now serves as a special assistant to President Donald Trump is still securely employed by the administration.

Prior to working for the president, Hahn was an infamous writer at the alt-right's flagship news site known for her "fiery" rhetoric and loyalty to Bannon. Hahn once wrote a 4,000-word review of a notoriously racist pulp novel from the 1970's that Bannon loves. Her boss also tasked Hahn with "smearing" House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) prior to the Republican National Convention last summer.

“Ryan has remained passive and quiet as criminal aliens have assaulted tens of thousands of American women, but when an 11-year-old audiotape emerged of Donald Trump caught on a hot mic discussing women in crass terms, Ryan declared himself ‘sickened’ and spoke out,” Hahn once wrote, referencing the president's unearthed "pussy-grabbing" tape.

Hahn has been secretive about her role at the White House since taking the job, but sources familiar with her work told Yahoo that she, Miller and Bannon had been working on immigration prior to Bannon's exit.