Texas police chief warns Hurricane Harvey looters they will suffer 'eternal damnation'
Suspects photo posted by Vidor Police Department

A Texas police chief has warned that looters in his city that will suffer "eternal damnation" if they burglarize residences in his hometown.

In a Facebook post caught at the Friendly Atheist,  Police Chief Rod Carroll of the Vidor Police Department congratulated the "Midnight shift" for apprehending some suspected looters before issuing a dire warning.

“As I stated these people are the lowest of the low to steal from those that have lost so much. Eternal damnation shall be their final punishment,” he wrote.

Hemant Mehta notes that this is not the first time Carrol has invoked Jesus and hellfire, with his Facebook page littered with references to God and prayers since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.

You can see the Facebook post below: