'The honeymoon is over': Morning Joe panel says Trump voters are finally getting sick of the drama
Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough (Screen capture)

Restive voters are beginning to peel away from President Donald Trump as his presidency becomes more and more controversial said a "Morning Joe" panel on Monday.

"We're at eight months now," said author Brad Thor. "The honeymoon period is over and I'm hearing from friends of mine in Nashville that voted for him -- not because they didn't like Hillary, but because they really believed in what he could do for the nation."

"They're frustrated," he said, "They want him to pivot but he's 71. He's not going to pivot."

In spite of his administration's bumbling, chaotic approach to governing, Trump has managed to hang on to his core following of angry white voters. However, recent weeks have seen those numbers begin to erode.

"You're seeing that in the base, now," Thor said. "They want him to stop tweeting, act presidential, stop attacking the media and stop making it all about him. He is the most selfish president I have ever seen in my lifetime."

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